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Values Statement

Values Statement

Living our Mission with our clients, colleagues, and community
through excellence, respect, and an enduring commitment to justice


Seeking Knowledge, Sharing Wisdom, Advancing the Field

Leadership in Excellence… We pioneer unique, agile solutions to bring about social change at the highest standards of practice. As ambassadors of our mission and ethos, we offer our very best selves.
Leadership in Communication… We interact in honesty, sincerity and responsiveness, and believe that questions can be as significant as their answers. Universal kindness, compassion and goodwill forge a profoundly greater capacity to serve others.
Leadership in Collaboration… We lead one another to successful performance through sparking discussions, contributing insights, and cultivating full participation. Our generosity and gratitude, reciprocity and recognition ensure that together we inspire opportunity.

Nourishing Ourselves, Sustaining Others, Addressing Injustice

A Community of Integrity… We champion the highest ethical standards, upholding honesty, truthfulness, fairness and accountability, for those give us the strength and dignity to meet the unprecedented challenges of our era.
A Community of Respect…  We esteem and honor our colleagues and our clients, extending equitable and unequivocal respect at every moment, in every situation, and throughout every complexity.
A Community of Exploration… We listen with humility, speak with curiosity, and welcome surprises. Our richness of experience and individuality unite us as we embark upon the pursuit of social justice.

Exploring Ideas, Expanding Possibilities, Creating Social Change

Innovation through Inquiry… We embrace curious and intrepid voices that challenge prevailing beliefs and take nontraditional paths towards furthering the pursuit of justice.
Innovation through Creativity… We foster bold ideas whose impact has the potential to positively resound throughout the global community. Our unexpected and unusual ideas enable us to remain at the forefront of social justice provision.
Innovation through Courage… We believe that catalytic growth requires persistence, fortitude, determination and imagination. Our fundamental commitment to equal rights guides us through the mysteries and tensions of change, because the unforeseen is an opportunity for inspiration. 


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Main Office
3250 Wilshire Blvd., 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (323) 939-0506
Fax: (213) 471-4568

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Bet Tzedek is an affiliated agency of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.