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Broken windows.  Leaking pipes.  Moldy ceilings.  Insects.

Los Angeles isn’t all glamour and movie stars. For some, unlivable housing conditions make it more nightmare than California dream. Others in livable conditions can find themselves targeted with illegal evictions.

With only about 60,000 affordable rental units on the market, it’s tough to find an acceptable place to live. Especially when you consider that, according to the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Citizen’s Committee on Slum Housing, about 11 percent of Los Angeles housing is substandard.

No running water.  No heat.  Dangerous wiring.

These people need justice. And it is justice that we here at Bet Tzedek pursue.


This project focuses on assisting low-income families secure safe and affordable housing. It’s working.

The attorneys of the Irmas Housing Conditions project, together with some of our pro bono partners, brought a landmark lawsuit against one of the city’s most notorious landlords. And it cost him. A total of $1.2 million.

And we’ve settled numerous other complaints and helped  scores of Angelenos find justice.


It’s difficult to fight an eviction.  Even if you take your complaint to court.  Even if you’re in the right.

But Bet Tzedek can help. While a UCLA study found that many tenants who defended themselves in court lost, Bet Tzedek success rate  for eviction defense is more than 90 percent.

Our staff attorneys can do it for you too. Call us at (323) 939-0506

Bet Tzedek also assists with other housing related problems.
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Bet Tzedek is an affiliated agency of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.