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Real Estate Fraud Against Seniors

Elder abuse is a significant problem in our society.  Real estate fraud can be the most serious and devastating financial abuse committed against a senior.  Seniors are vulnerable to fraud and undue influence at the hands of their relatives, caregivers, trusted advisors and con artists who “befriend” them.  Loss of title to a house or the threat of foreclosure can leave a senior homeless without legal intervention.

Our team files lawsuits on behalf of seniors who are victims of elder abuse title fraud.  Once title is stolen, the scammer can get loans on the house, sell the house, or evict the senior from his or her home.  A lawsuit can prevent or undo loans or the sale of a house, stop a foreclosure or prevent an eviction.  A judgment in a lawsuit will put the title back in the senior’s name and undo the consequences of the wrongful transfer.

Elder Abuse Title Fraud:  Common scenarios where we can help

  • Forgery.  Forgery remains a common way to steal title to a house.  The person who committed forgery can be someone known to the senior or a complete stranger who steals title because there is a lot of equity in the home.
  • Diminished Capacity.  Transferring title to a house requires a certain level of financial understanding or capacity.  Seniors with dementia or other cognitive impairment may not understand the consequences of signing a deed transferring title.
  • Undue Influence.  Likely the most common reason seniors lose title to their homes, undue influence occurs when the senior signs over his or her home to someone trusted or someone the senior is dependent on, such as a relative or caregiver.  The senior may not even know he or she gave away the house but signed because the trusted person told them to sign.
  • Fraud.  Fraud may occur in addition to undue influence. A senior is told they are signing one thing, such as documents to help the person care for the senior, and in reality it is a deed to the house.

HELP IS AVAILABLE.  The attorneys on our team are experts in bringing these types of cases and have decades of experience helping seniors.   To speak with a member of our staff, call us at (323) 939-0506.

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