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Vickie and Michael

Michael’s mother never thought of it as an unbearable burden. She never thought of it as too much to ask. She only wanted to provide a loving and safe home where Michael could live his life to the fullest.

But Michael was not without challenges. He was born with profound developmental and physical disabilities that made providing the type of care required to keep him in the family home a responsibility that most people would not have accepted. But then, Michael’s mother was not most people. She bore the responsibility with a level of devotion and care that few people possess.

And did so for 57 years.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t seem to cooperate with our desires, and places detours in our way.  Sometimes these detours arise when we haven’t made the time to prepare for them. Michael’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and succumbed to her illness within a matter of months. That’s when Michael’s sister Vickie stepped in, with a devotion passed down from mother to daughter. She left her own home and job to willingly take on all the responsibility of Michael’s care in order to insure that he did not have to be institutionalized or stop attending the adult day center he loved so much.

The responsibilities of Michael’s care had not left time for his mother to prepare a will, or time to place other paperwork in order so that Vickiecould seamlessly step into the primary caregiver role. Vickie soon found herself confronted with so many complex issues, both legal and social, that she did not know even where to begin. While scouring the internet for guidance, she came upon Bet Tzedek.

In short order, Bet Tzedek was able to ascertain the full breadth of her legal and other needs. Our advocates began the process of creating a petition for conservatorship over her brother, found a pro bono partner to take on the task of having the family home put in her name, and made sure that other public benefits remained in place for Michael.

Today, the family is firmly on its way to settling into a routine that enables them to focus on the happier things in life. We at Bet Tzedek are proud to have been able to play a part in helping this family. We can help you in times of need as well.  Call us.  (323) 939-0506

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