Who We Are

Bet Tzedek attorneys and advocates help people of all communities and generations secure life’s necessities. Wherever people are in crisis, Bet Tzedek’s core services and rapid response programs provide stability and hope.

Justice for Seniors

We are the nationally recognized leader in providing legal services to low-income seniors.

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Justice for Workers

We ensure fair pay and safe conditions for exploited workers and survivors of human trafficking. We help clients build pathways out of poverty.

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Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response programs provide stability and hope wherever our community is in crisis.

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Our Impact by the Numbers


Number of people we provided free legal services to in 2018


Percent of Los Angeles County's conservatorship services through our no-cost clinics


Total number of hours volunteered in 2018 by our 1,300 volunteers


Percent of our clients that are 60 years of age or older

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Meet Bet Tzedek

Meet May

With the help of Bet Tzedek's Kinship Care program, May Hampton was able to provide her grandchildren with a safe, supportive and loving home.

Facing the Challenge

For more than 40 years, Bet Tzedek has provided free legal assistance to thousands of people who would otherwise have been denied access to the legal system that underpins our democracy.

Responding to Emerging Needs

Launched in 2017, Bet Tzedek's Rapid Response/Family Preparedness Program helps undocumented parents in crisis plan for their families' future.

Meet Noel

Noel survived a gunshot wound only to discover that the legal battle for benefits would be the fight of his life. Bet Tzedek's attorneys advocated that Noel gain access to the benefits and services he deserved, and provided his family with the necessary support services to help them move forward.

Protecting Affordable Housing for Seniors

When the community of seniors at Westwood Horizons were facing eviction from their homes, they turned to Bet Tzedek for assistance.

Be Part of the Solution

Join Bet Tzedek in its work - there are endless ways for you to contribute. Find one that’s right for you and get involved today.