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Fall Senior Symposium

Presented by Bet Tzedek & California Health Advocates Senior Medicare Patrol "SMP"

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing you next year.

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Agenda & Resources


Featured Speaker: ALISA ANDERSON, Elder Abuse Prevention Advocate, Bet Tzedek

Medicare Updates and Where to Get Help

Center for Health Care Rights

Featured Speaker: CATHERINE NICKLEN, Community Education Coordinator, Center for Health Care Rights 

Qualifying for Medi-Cal and Getting In-Home Support Services

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Featured Speaker: KIM SELFON, In Home Support Services (IHSS) & Medi-Cal Policy Specialist, Bet Tzedek

APS and What You Should Know

Adult Protective Services

Featured Speaker: RALPH PASCUAL, Training Manager of Adult Protective Services (APS), Los Angeles County

Medicare Fraud: How to Protect Your Benefits

California Health Advocates SMP

Featured Speaker: SANDY MORALES, Volunteer Coordinator and Case Manager, California-Senior Medicare Patrol

The Role of Social Worker in Legal Services

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Featured Speakers: LISA LIBERATORE, Directing Attorney, Elder Justice, Bet Tzedek; MARIN CASTILLO-VALLE, Social Worker, Bet Tzedek

Tools to Protect Yourself From Fraud and Scams

California Dept. of Financial Protection & Innovation

Featured Speaker: JACKIE WILEY, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Dept. of Financial Protection & Innovation

Closing Remarks

Featured Speaker: MICKI NOZAKI, State Director, California Senior Medicare Patrol

Featured Speakers


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