Economic Justice

Employers in Los Angeles steal $26 million in wages from low-wage workers every week — making the city the wage theft capital of the nation. Through its Economic Justice program, Bet Tzedek provides workers direct representation in individual and class action cases, helps thousands of workers know their rights, assists trafficked laborers who were illegally denied earned wages, creates opportunities for entrepreneurship and small business development in marginalized and under-served communities, and aids low-income households facing tax controversies.

Workers Rights - Low-wage garment workers at an L.A. factory

Workers Rights

Since it opened in 1999, the Employment Rights Project has helped more than 5,400 workers through direct representation and class actions – winning more than $36 million in judgments and settlements.

Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic - Photo of two women's hands pointing at a tax document

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Tax disputes can permanently destabilize low-income households. Launched in 2014, Bet Tzedek’s income tax law project is formally recognized by the Income Revenue Service as a Low Income Tax Clinic (LITC) and as an official U.S. Tax Court Clinic. Bet Tzedek’s clinic helps resolve audits, appeals, misclassifications, innocent spouse relief, liens, and garnishments.

Help for Trafficking Survivors - Photo of a woman's hands bound by rope

Help for Trafficking Survivors

Los Angeles’ underground and informal economies are filled with trafficked laborers – as domestic workers, day laborers, and sex workers. Through litigation and advocacy, Bet Tzedek works with survivors of human trafficking to ensure that they receive financial restitution and that they have access to legal protections.

Small Business Development Project - Photo of a female small business owner with an

Small Business Development Project

Entrepreneurship and small business success offer a rare path out of poverty for many low-income households and communities. In order to survive and thrive these businesses – like all businesses – need sound legal guidance. Bet Tzedek helps to provide legal support to these small business entrepreneurs in order to nurture talent and empower those who seek to build a better future in marginalized and under-served communities.

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Obtained over $11,000,000 in judgments and settlements for workers

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