Small Business Development Program – Pro Bono Legal Assistance Application

Entrepreneurship and small business success offer a rare path out of poverty for many low-income households and communities. In order to survive and thrive these businesses – like all businesses – need sound legal guidance. Bet Tzedek helps to provide legal support to these small business entrepreneurs in order to nurture talent and empower those who seek to build a better future in marginalized and under-served communities. Please complete this form if you meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

Small Business Development Program - Pro Bono Legal Assistance Application

  • Eligbility Requirements

    To qualify for pro bono legal assistance a business owner or entrepreneur must: (1) Reside in the county Los Angeles or operate a business in Los Angeles County; (2) Have an individual household income and assets that fall between 300% - 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG), OR less than $50,000 in liquid assets, AND (3) Own a business that has a qualifying community impact. Examples of a qualifying community impact are: businesses that promote community development, are minority, women, or veteran-owned, or are owned by a disabled individual, are located in high-poverty areas and meets the needs of an under-served community, or offers job training opportunities by employing local low-income residents.



    Are you already working with another organization that helps small businesses? If so, please provide:
  • Have you already consulted another attorney or legal organization for legal assistance? If so, please provide:


  • Please list all other people, organizations, or companies that may be involved in your legal matter(s). For example, if you need help with a commercial lease, please provide the name of the landlord.


  • Bet Tzedek may request additional information and documentation to determine eligibility for free legal services, including but not limited to tax returns and a business plan. APPLICANT STATEMENT AND AUTHORIZATION By clicking the submit button below, I acknowledge that I am applying to Bet Tzedek Legal Services for help finding pro bono legal (volunteer) assistance. I understand that Bet Tzedek itself cannot provide me with legal representation or advice, and that Bet Tzedek is collecting information from me and may discuss my case with me solely for the purposes of (1) determining my eligibility for pro bono legal assistance; (2) assessing whether, in Bet Tzedek's discretion, the legal matter(s) I present are appropriate for pro bono legal assistance; and (3) attempting to find pro bono legal assistance for me. I also understand that: · Bet Tzedek may not be able to find pro bono legal assistance for me, and there is no assurance that Bet Tzedek or the law firms participating in Bet Tzedek's Small Business Development Project will be able to advise or represent me. · Bet Tzedek cannot respond to crises, and cannot guarantee the length of time it may take to find a volunteer attorney, or to determine that pro bono legal assistance is not available or that the legal matter(s) presented are not appropriate for pro bono legal assistance. I further acknowledge that Bet Tzedek may share the information I provide in this application, including information I provide in my discussions with Bet Tzedek's staff and in any other documents or records I provide to Bet Tzedek, with law firm staff and/or with volunteer attorneys. Bet Tzedek will share this information solely for the purpose of enabling law firm staff and/or volunteer attorneys to consider whether to represent me pro bono. While legal assistance provided to me by Bet Tzedek and Bet Tzedek’s volunteers and partner organizations is free, I am responsible for other expenses related to this matter, which may include, but are not limited to, fees associated with government or regulatory filings, costs related to government publication requirements, and charges for services provided by third-party service providers. I am providing an Intake Form to support my application. I understand that Bet Tzedek, volunteer attorneys, and law firms participating in Bet Tzedek's Small Business Development Project are relying on the accuracy of the Intake Form and all of the information I provide. I affirm that all of the information I am providing in the Intake Form is true and correct.

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