Bet Tzedek New Leadership Council

The Bet Tzedek New Leadership Council (BTNLC) is a leadership group dedicated to raising funds and awareness about the work of Bet Tzedek among young professionals. BTNLC provides leadership, service, professional networking, and social opportunities for its members.  Under the direction of its Executive Committee, BTNLC oversees the highly regarded annual Justice Ball.  Membership benefits also include a mentorship program in which BTNLC members can be paired with members of Bet Tzedek’s Board of Directors, providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth. BTNLC includes leaders from an array of professions, including law, finance, real estate, entertainment, tech, and sales.  BTNLC members are integral component of Bet Tzedek’s volunteer leadership, and their commitment to philanthropy and service help ensure the future success of the organization.

For more information on how you can join this group of young leaders, please contact Mike McLean at or call 323-549-5833

Executive Committee

Kim Chemerinsky
John Ly
David Mark

Harry Rimalower, Vice Chair of Individual Fundraising
Kevin Scott, Vice Chair of Individual Fundraising
Joseph Duronio, Vice Chair of Institutional Fundraising
Andrew Hendel, Vice Chair of Institutional Fundraising
Ari Stiller, Vice Chair of Institutional Fundraising
Ross Ehrlich, Vice Chair of Membership
Kimberlina McKinney, Vice Chair of Membership
Charlotte Wasserstein, Vice Chair of membership
Dan Freedman, Vice Chair of Programming
Brian Lundeen, Vice Chair of Programming
Navid Morè, Vice Chair of Programming

BTNLC Members 2016-2017

  • Anastasia Alen
  • Blake Alsbrook
  • Aaron Ammann
  • Roxana Azizi
  • Ava Badiee
  • Hristina Bojadzieva
  • Davida Brook
  • Luke Burton
  • Emily Calmeyer
  • Courtney Caron
  • Sheryl Clark
  • Ezra Clark
  • Daniel Crump
  • Nadia Davari
  • Andrew Degner
  • Ellen Eichner
  • Matthew Einhorn
  • Michael Freedman
  • Alex Freedman
  • Amir Gamliel
  • Julie Gerchik
  • Scott Gilmore
  • Karina Godoy
  • Andrew Goodman
  • Asa Hami
  • Sandra Hanian
  • Eric Hartsman
  • Justin Hellman
  • Samantha Kantor
  • Jaclyn Kelly
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Jonah King
  • Andrea LaFountain
  • Dimitry Lensky
  • Christina Lincoln
  • Robin Mashal
  • David Mayman
  • Tzviah Mayman
  • Rob McNary
  • Alex Menenberg
  • Kevin Minnick
  • Drew Morris
  • Josh Passman
  • Amy Pomerantz
  • Joshua Praw
  • Adam Presser
  • Starsky Robinson
  • Ethan Samuels
  • Stefanie Schiff
  • Rachel Segal
  • Sherli Shamtoub
  • Zev Shechtman
  • Meredith Siller
  • Ariella Simonds
  • Shevi Smith
  • Yulia Terentyeva
  • Jaba Tsitsuashvili
  • James “Joe” Ward
  • Brent Westcott
  • Arzo Yusuf
  • Josh Zetlin
  • Dana Zokaeim

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