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President’s Council

Bet Tzedek’s President’s Council serves as an advisory board to provide guidance, support and advice to Bet Tzedek’s President/CEO and Board of Directors. Membership on the President’s Council is reserved for Members of the Board of Directors – and in exceptional circumstances, community leaders – who have demonstrated leadership and a substantial commitment to Bet Tzedek and have the interest and ability to significantly contribute in an advisory capacity.

The members of Bet Tzedek’s President’s Council are:

  • Jay Abarbanel
  • Jeffrey Abrams
  • Robert G. Badal
  • Evan Braude
  • Mark T. Drooks
  • Jerome L. Coben, Esq.
  • Nancy Sher Cohen
  • Scott Edelman
  • Alan V. Friedman, Esq.
  • Mitchell A. Kamin
  • Stanley T. Kandel
  • Jessie Kornberg
  • Stephen A. Kroft
  • Eric Isken
  • David A. Lash
  • Hon. A. Howard Matz, Ret.
  • Peter Rosen
  • Sandor E. Samuels
  • John A. Schulman
  • Jay S. Wintrob

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