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Past Honorees – Community Justice Award

Year Honorees




The Bet Tzedek Medical-Legal Partnership Team (Tracy Douglas, Esq., Catherine Hoffman, Esq., Tatiana Perez – Legal Secretary)

Our Staff’s work, and the amplifying power of our Pro Bono and Volunteer Partners.

Bet Tzedek’s Legal Support Team (Judy Gallegos, Veronica Leichter, Angelica Rodriguez, Lidia Romero, Maria Uribe)

Ed Elsner

2018 Kim Selfon
2017 Nicholas Levenhagen
2016 Akiko Nishino
2015 Erikson Albrecht
2014 Joey Alarcon
2013 Yolande Erickson and Bertha Sanchez Hayden
2012 Lisa Hoffman and Volker Schmidt
2011 Marc Bender, Matt DeCarolis, Kevin Kish and Gus May
2010  Janet Morris
2009  Deborah Baldwin
2008  Anna Burns
2007  Spencer Lord

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