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Past Honorees – Founder’s Award

Year Honorees




Robert M. Schwartz

Our Client Communities’ Resilience

Kenneth S. Millman

Richard B. Jones

2018 E. Randol Schoenberg
2017 Georgina & Alan Rothenberg
2016 Eric H. Holder, Jr.
2015 Pedro Pizarro
2014 Stanley P. Gold and Bruce M. Ramer
2013 Leah E. Weil
2012 Gary D. Roberts
2011 Darrell Brown
2010 Barbara J. Desoer
2009 Glenn A. Sonnenberg
2008 Kevin S. Marks
2007 Marc H. Gamsin
2006 Richard A. Kayne
2005 David Scott
2004 Sandy Samuels
2003 Howard S. Marks
2002 Jay Wintrob
2001 Frank E. Baxter
2000 Harry T. McMahon
1999 George G. Golleher
1998 Eli Broad
1997 Arthur H. Bilger
1996 Sanford M. Litvack
1995 Dale R. Laurence
1994 Jerome L. Coben
1993 John A. Schulman
1992 Gerald Stern
1991 Alan Friedman
1990 Luis Lainer
1989 Cathy Lee Needleman

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