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FAQ About Bet Tzedek

Bet Tzedek is a non-profit, public interest law firm providing free legal services for the poor, elderly, and disabled residents of Los Angeles County. Our services are provided both by full-time staff members and by hundreds of volunteers. Bet Tzedek is an affiliated agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

More about Bet Tzedek…

Bet Tzedek is Hebrew for “House of Justice.”

No. Bet Tzedek is committed to “Justice for All.” It was founded within the Jewish community to provide services to all eligible persons in need. Its clients, staff members, and volunteers come from a wide variety of racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

Bet Tzedek does not charge its clients for the legal work performed by Bet Tzedek staff or volunteers. Clients are responsible for paying for court fees, if any.

All of Bet Tzedek’s clients have low incomes and limited savings. Bet Tzedek’s clients generally must have an income at or below poverty guidelines. Please call our main office at (323) 939-0506 if you are unsure if you qualify.

All clients must reside in Los Angeles County.

No. Bet Tzedek receives money from a variety of sources, including the City and County of Los Angeles, the City of West Hollywood, the State Bar of California, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. However, nearly two-thirds of Bet Tzedek’s funding comes from foundation grants, corporate gifts, and contributions from individuals.

Bet Tzedek handles the following types of legal issues:

  • Alzheimer’s issues and Patient’s Rights/Quality of Care Issues
  • Benefits overpayments
  • Conservatorships/Guardianships
  • Consumer fraud
  • Elder abuse and neglect
  • Holocaust reparations
  • Home equity fraud/home improvement fraud
  • In-home supportive services
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Long-Term care issues
  • Medi-Cal and Medicare
  • SSI/Disability benefits appeals
  • Nursing home problems
  • Powers of attorney for health care and finances
  • Social Security
  • Substandard housing conditions
  • Unlawful debt collection
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Wage claims

In particular, Bet Tzedek has a specialization in representing persons who are elderly or disabled. For example, Bet Tzedek has established a Nursing Home & Assisted Living Advocacy Project in order to protect the vulnerable persons who reside in those long-term care facilities.

Read about the specific programs…

Bet Tzedek does not handle criminal defense, immigration, divorce, probate, or cases that private attorneys will accept on a contingency basis, such as personal injury actions.

  • Criminal
  • Divorce, child custody, child support
  • Personal injury, vehicle accidents
  • Immigration
  • Medical malpractice
  • Living trusts
  • Probating of Wills
  • Criminal record expungement
  • Attorney misconduct/malpractice
  • Police misconduct
  • Restraining orders (but we do handle Elder Abuse Restraining Orders)
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • CalWORKs
  • General Relief
  • Food Stamps/CalFresh

No. Bet Tzedek seeks to make the best use of its resources and, unfortunately, cannot serve every person who requests help. Cases are accepted or rejected based on internal policies which attempt to ensure that our limited resources do the most to help our community.

Please call us at (323) 939-0506. If we believe we can help, we will set up an appointment for an initial interview.

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