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Posted on May 1, 2017

  • Bet Tzedek’s Board of Directors appoints Jessie Kornberg President & CEO, the first woman to hold the position in the agency’s history. Recognized as a rising star in the field of law, Korberg brings her commitment to social justice, litigation and pro bono service to bear on the agency’s path forward.
  • Through its Kinship Care Program, Bet Tzedek educates lawmakers about the need for uniform application of probate laws, particularly as they relate to unaccompanied minors. This leads to the passage of SD 873 and Bet Tzedek’s first-of-its kind victory in the appellate court which preserved the right for immigrant minors to be treated equitably in guardianship proceedings.
  • As a recognized leader in serving the needs of Holocaust survivors living in the United States, Bet Tzedek testifies before Congress about the harmful, and often tragic, effects on frail survivors when their reparations payments were wrongfully counted against them in determining eligibility for public benefits. This leads to a rewrite of the Social Security Administration’s procedural manual, providing strict guidance to eligibility workers and preserving benefits for countless survivors.

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