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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Virtual Conference 2021

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing you at our event on June 8th, 2022.

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Legal Remedies and Case Examples

Featured Speakers: ALISA ANDERSON, Elder Abuse Prevention Advocate, Bet Tzedek; MARIN CASTILLO-VALLE, Social Worker, Bet Tzedek; DANI KAISERMAN, Elder Justice Attorney, Bet Tzedek

Senior Program Services & Trending Scams

Featured Speakers: TRESSA THOMPSON, DMV Senior Driver Ombudsman; JACKIE WILEY, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Dept. of Financial Protection & Innovation

Home Safe Programs: What You Should Know!

Featured Speakers: DAVID KOCHEN, Human Services Administrator, Adult Protective Services

Hospitals Elder Safety & Long Term Care Facilities

Featured Speakers: LAURA STEIN, Program Coordinator, Dignity Health; GINGER PERINI, Regional Manager, WISE & Healthy Aging

Estate Planning Tools for Elder Abuse Prevention

Featured Speakers: ANNA DARR, Holocaust Services Attorney, Bet Tzedek; DOMINIQUE SANZ-DAVID, Family Caregiver Attorney, Bet Tzedek

Gift Cards are Presents and Court 101 Victims HELP!

Featured Speakers: MONICA TAIT, Assistant US Attorney, Dept. of Justice; ASHLEY JONES, Victim Services Rep, L.A District Attorney’s Office; EDER HERNANDEZ, Victim Services Rep, L.A District Attorney’s Office

Empowering Elders Through Connection, Innovation & Protection

Featured Speakers: ARCHIE ROUNDTREE, Equal Justice Works Elder Justice Homeowner Protection Fellow, Bet Tzedek; TAYLOR AMSTUTZ, Equal Justice Works Elder Abuse Intervention Fellow, Bet Tzedek

Closing Remarks

Featured Speakers


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All sessions will be recorded EXCEPT FOR sessions led by Assistant US Attorney for the Dept. of Justice. All other recordings and relevant materials will be made available post-event.

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