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Bet Tzedek’s 3rd Annual
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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Featured Speakers: ALISA ANDERSON, Elder Abuse Prevention Advocate, Bet Tzedek; DIEGO CARTAGENA, President & CEO, Bet Tzedek

The Path to Elder Justice: Prevention & Intervention

Featured Speakers: TAYLOR AMSTUTZ, Equal Justice Works Elder Justice Program Fellow, Bet Tzedek; DANIEL LEWIS, Equal Justice Works Elder Justice Program Fellow, Bet Tzedek

Memory & Aging: What to Be Aware of and How to Protect Our Elders

Featured Speakers: MONICA MOORE, Community Health Program Manager, Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research, UCLA; ANGIE MORAN, Manager of Family Services, East Los Angeles Service Center, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

Medi-Cal Magic: New Ways to Qualify for Homecare

Featured Speakers: KIM SELFON, In-Home Supportive Services & Medi-Cal Policy Specialist, Bet Tzedek; GAYLE TAMLER, In-Home Supportive Services & Medi-Cal Attorney, Bet Tzedek

A Holistic & Client Centered Approach: Supporting Persons Experiencing Elder Abuse

Featured Speaker: MILES MCNEELEY, Director of Elder Abuse Prevention, WISE & Healthy Aging

Featured Speakers


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The 3rd Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day recording and relevant materials will be made available post-event.

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